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Menu Options

Breakfast Menu

Meal Base

Local Cheese Platter

Her Platter of Cheese and Salami

Scrambled Eggs

Protein (Choose 2)

o Grilled chicken sausage

o Grilled beef sausage

o Grilled pork sausage

o Streaky crisp bacon

Vegetables (Choose 2)

o Sautéed tomato

o Sautéed mushroom

o Baked Beans cocottes


o Fresh sliced seasonal fruits

o Selection of 4 cereal with full cream and skim milk

o Variety of yoghurt


o Fresh orange juice or Apple juice

o Coffee

o Selection of Teas

Desserts (Choose 2)

o Chocolate Brownies

o Carrot Cupcakes

o Malva pudding with Vanilla custard

o Fresh fruit in season

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Dinner & Lunch Menu

Protein (Choose 1 of each type)

Poultry: choose 1

o Chicken Breast stuffed with basil pesto and sun dry

tomato: Served with parmesan cheese sauce

o Roasted chicken served with Rosemary Jus

o Grilled chicken fillet with mushroom sauce

o Stir fry chicken

o Chicken curry


o Baked fish with lemon, herb, and garlic Butter  

o Fish goujons: served with Tartare sauce

o Baked fish medallion in pepper orange sauce


o Mutton stew

o Beef stew

o Beef fillet medallion with a creamy mushroom sauce

Vegetables (Choose 1)

o Mixed vegetables with julienne carrot and Beans

o Roasted potatoes with fresh herbs

o Roasted baby Marrow, onion, carrots, red pepper,

broccoli, Rosemary and thyme.

Salads (Choose 2)

o Greek salad (tomato, olives, feta cheese, green

pepper, red onions, cucumber and lettuce)

o Potato and grain Mustard (baby potatoes, green

beans, grain mustard and gherkins)

o Lentil salad (lentil, cucumber, tomato, parsley, red

onion, mint, olives and feta cheese)


o Basmati Rice  

o Oven Baked Potatoes Wedges

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African Menu

Protein (Choose 1 of each type)

Fish: choose 1

o Fried Red fish (Mabundu)

o Fried Tilapia

o Grilled Mackerel (Thomson)

o Makayabu

o Hake


Poultry: choose 1

o Grilled chicken mayo (Poulet mayo)

o Hard body chicken sauce (Soso ya Makasi sauce)

o Grilled quarter leg Chicken (cuisse braiser)


Meat: choose 1

o Beef Kebab (Brochette de bouef)

o Grilled meat

Legumes (Choose 1)

o Cassava leave (Pondu)

o wild spinach with Peanut Butter (Fumbwa)

o spinach (Legume vert)

o Beans (haricot)


Salads (Choose 2)

o Coleslaw salad (salade de choux)

o Greek salad (salade grecque

Sides (Choose 2)

o Pap (Foufou)

o Cassava Bread (Chikwang)

o Plantain (Makemba)

o Rice (Rit)

o Baked Potato wedges (pommes de Terre Sautées)

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Braai Menus

Braai Menu 1

o Bread Rolls

o Beef (marinated with mushroom sauce) 200g

o Marinated grilled chicken

o Beef sausage (Boerewors)

o Oven Baked potato

o Garlic Butter corn

o Chakalaka salad

o Green Salad

o Oven roasted Butternut, beetroot,

caramelised onion

o Pap

Braai Menu 2

o Chicken kebabs

o Vegetable kebabs

o Lamb chomp

o BBQ Pork ribs

o Chicken wings

o Fish fillet in foil with lemon butter

o Pap

o Oven Baked potatoes

High Tea Menu

o Chicken wrap

o Selection of quiches

o Chicken wings

o Samosa

o Sausage Rolls

o Chicken skewers

o Jalapeño and cheese Resoles

Kiddies Menu

Choose 2

o Beef sausage with chips

o Kiddies beef burger withchips

o Toasted cheese and tomatoes sandwich with chips

o Toasted ham and cheese sandwich with chips

o Toasted chicken mayonnaise with chips

o Fish fingers and Chips

o Chicken wings and chips

o Hot dogs

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